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With joy we sit we cry
we confess we are sorry
we are anxious we are tongue
tied we are heart bound we are
safe we are falling off the cliff of
our heart into a pool of unswum water
so blue through the gate headfirst into cape
of our lives china splinters silvered translucent under
an eclipsed moon oh watch us jump over mercy leap with
our capes like wings that leave us splendid as never before
we hover on a scarf of air wafted in from somewhere
we have never been but plan to go as soon as possible
yes we are speaking untying our tongues
no longer sorry and then we come down
and go to where we came from but
something is different we are
smiling our minds are blue
and falling and nothing
hurts Amen.


(c) Perie Longo

The Privacy of Wind 1997


Perie Longo
Looking for Jamal

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