El Nino equals chance for
an extremely wet or dry season…
--Santa Barbara News Press, 11/29/14

High chance of rainfall likely, or lower,
a minor event Sunday, perhaps substantial
Monday or Tuesday, when it might be major,
60 or 50%, or weaker—unless it’s stronger
like the not-so-well-known STUG (Sudden
Transient Uprising of Grief) that sufferers
know too well, succumbed to loss
simply going about daily business
and are blindsided as if struck by a foul ball
or worse—tsunami, an upswelling
of uncontrollable tears
breaking records if not concentration
held to like the coast holds to a high
pressure system that suddenly recedes
with a shaking followed by a saturation
of face, chest, torso. The heart empties
with no muscle control, unable to arrest
the grief while those who witness
honor the necessity of inner weather
trusting the predicament of the unpredicted,
minor or substantial, and chance is,
life likely goes on (a drought here
or there) hopefully more smoothly until
the next time. No telling when.

(c) Perie Longo



Perie Longo
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